Inject less. 
Strive for more.

Inject less. Strive for more.

Elucirem™ is the next generation GBCA from Guerbet, designed to reveal high-quality images at half the conventional gadolinium dose1


Welcome to a new world of low dose gadolinium

1 Reducingdose

Reducing the dose of gadolinium with Elucirem™

With a high consumption of GBCAs worldwide and recommendations to reduce the dose of gadolinium, Elucirem™ uses 50% less gadolinium with benefits that go beyond image quality1-9

Half the dose

2 Design

Ingeniously designed

The unique structure of gadopiclenol has 2 water molecule exchange sites designed to maximize the efficiency of gadolinium (Gd) so only half the conventional dose is needed10

Innovative mechanism of action

3 Diagnostic

Diagnostic confidence

With its high relaxivity, Elucirem™ is designed to deliver high- quality CNS and body lesion visualization giving you the diagnostic confidence* you would expect but at half the conventional gadolinium dose1,7,8,10

*Diagnostic confidence was a secondary criterion. 

Clinical efficacy

4 Comparaison

High kinetic stability compared to other GBCAs

Elucirem™ (gadopiclenol) has a high kinetic stability with a comparable safety profile to gadobutrol1,7,8,10

Clinical safety

5 Dosing

Straightforward dosing

For both adults and children (aged 2 years and over), Elucirem™ has the same weight-based dosing1

Dosing and administration

Elucirem™ is the next generation GBCA that is exclusively manufactured by Guerbet1

GBCA: Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agent
MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging


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